My friends need a warm home instead of chain :’(

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Look how good boy I am :) for longer being out at weekend :p

Was watching movie all day long…….

Wonderful view…… sooooo should mark here too :p

Is this hat for this weather??? Or too warm that you look at me like this :s

Will be Spike one day :)

Just awake from deep sleeping :)

Thank you for your all support!!!

Today again I can jump slowly :) :) :) And mouth is still under control still but so much better :D

And mom is asking me to promise not to start a fight again, but I’m just looking with rolling eyes………

So bad that vet visit was not so good :-s my waist is some bad and now slow motion…. and have a small hole next to mouth :-s still hurt a lot…….

Pray for me to be better please………

Today I attack a black lab withuot thinking how small I am…… from outside it looks like all ok… but for making sure going to vet now :s :’(

Waiting for you too long to go out…….

Are you coming or not???

Lots of things to learn from them!!!

Shopping is relaxing mommy!!!

Look I’m enough good to get this cake :)

So windy…. but still love running time!!!